Static Caravan Insurance

Our specialist Static Caravan Insurance is suitable for static caravans that are permanently sited on a Holiday Home site that is licensed for this purpose.

Does your present static caravan insurance policy have Vermin Damage cover? Ours does!

Do you have cover for Freezer contents? With us you do!

Does your static caravan insurance cover you on a Reinstatement Basis? (New for Old cover) If the answer is yes; are you insured enough to cover you to purchase a brand new replacement static caravan, along with site clearance, delivery and re-siting costs? If you are not then you do not have new for old cover!

Too many people believe that they simply need to insure for the purchase price of the static caravan from the manufacturer and forget that this does not include clearing away the old damaged unit, delivery of the new static caravan unit and the cost of re-siting the new home. This means you will be liable for any additional costs.

Let us take these worries away. With our years of experience, we will recommend the Reinstatement/New for Old sums insured to you.

Our insurance for static caravans is specifically tailored to cater to your individual needs by offering 5* cover.

The main benefits of our Static Caravan Insurance cover

Reinstatement – New for Old up to £500,000

Debris removal, delivery and re-siting costs following an insured claim

Accidental Damage cover for buildings and contents

Subsidence, Storm Damage, Escape of Water Cover and Flood cover (restrictions may apply)

Fire, Theft, Attempted Theft and Vandalism cover

Cover for damage sustained from vermin i.e. mice, rats etc.

Loss of Metered Water, up to £1,000.

Replacement Locks up to £1,000.

Freezer Contents cover for £350

Payment accepted by credit / debit card and monthly instalments.

Liabilities:- £5m Public Liability and £10m Employers’ Liability for domestic staff.

Factors not covered in our Static Caravan Insurance cover

Escape of water during the period 1st November to 15th March unless central heating is on a minimum of 10 degrees or water is turned off and drained down.

Storm or Flood damage to fences or gates

Theft when the home is let unless the theft involves violent and forcible exit or entry

Malicious acts or vandalism caused by you or any tenant of the home or their guests

The first £500 of any claim for subsidence damage

Damage caused by wear and tear is not covered.

Damage caused by or resulting from faulty or defective workmanship.

We will only pay for individual damaged items and not for undamaged items belonging to the sets or suites

These are just some of the key exclusions. Full details of your exclusions can be found in your policy wording.

Frequently Asked Questions

No we don’t insure people who live in Static Caravans as they are not designed to Residential standards so the wear and tear on the property is so much more than a Residential Mobile Home and the likelihood of a claims is so much greater.  We also do not encourage people to live in a static caravan as they have no security of tenure and could be asked to leave at the end of the Park’s annual licence.

You are also acting illegally in that you may not be paying council tax (Your park site fees do not count as council tax for main road maintenance or street lighting)

Please see our blog below for more information

Yes our policy covers for damage caused by vermin

Yes call us during office hours on Freephone Number 0800 731 9583 and we can provide you with a quotation and immediate cover over the phone. We are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

In the event of a total loss your insurance will replace your static caravan with its brand new equivalent on a like for like basis including the cost of site clearance and debris removal, delivery and re-siting of the new home.  Your sums insured therefore need to be sufficient to cover these costs.  We can offer advice on exactly what the reinstatement cost of your home would be.

The base or ‘serviced pitch’ is owned by the site owner and it is therefore the responsibility of the site owner to insure the base against, for example, subsidence or damage.

You are responsible for insuring any outbuildings that you own, such as sheds, conservatory, garages, steps and decking/veranda.

You are covered for up to £5 Million for your legal liability as the owner of the home.

As Static Caravans are a non-standard risk, be wary of companies that seem to offer too good a deal, they could be insuring it as a ‘bricks and mortar’ property under a standard insurance policy.  Your Static Caravan is not made of bricks and mortar; it is made of marine ply-wood and is therefore more expensive to insure than its brick equivalent as it is more susceptible to certain claims.  A deal such as this, may seem too good to pass up; after all it’s the insurance company’s fault if they got it wrong, isn’t it?  Actually, the emphasis is always on the customer to check and make sure they are insured on the correct basis. If you are insured on the incorrect policy, you may find you are inadequately covered or not covered at all.

Your premium is calculated on the replacement cost of your home with an equivalent new model of the same size and specification.  To this effect we need to know the make and model of your home so we can calculate the replacement cost of a new home.  If you do not know the make and model we may still be able to provide a quotation but you will need to give us as much information as you possible can.

Parksure can insure multiple homes for you.  Please call us to discuss.

Yes this is covered under our policy automatically.

Some park owners have arrangements with particular insurance providers.  You are within your rights to insure with whomever you want and the park cannot insist you insure through them; in fact it is illegal and the Financial Conduct Authority (F.C.A.) would be very interested if the park were trying this tactic.  We would however point out that you should make sure that the insurance provider is one of the few insurance specialists that provides cover for your particular type of home and not just a main stream insurer.  This is why it is important that you insure through someone like ourselves.

Indemnity, sometimes referred to as Market Value cover means that in the event of a total loss of your Static Caravan say for example in a fire or flood; rather than getting a brand new equivalent home the insurers will simply pay you the current market value of the Static Caravan itself.  Please note this is not the sale value of your Static Caravan on the site which of course includes the plot and desirability of the area, it is simply the current value of the Static Caravan.  As Market value is a lot less cover, obviously it is normally cheaper to insure and an option if you are looking to reduce your insurance premium at the expense of reducing cover.

No unfortunately we can only insure static caravans on registered parks.

Yes you can choose what contents sums insured you require although we recommend and insist on a minimum of £1,000.  This is to protect you in case of a claim on your contents

Yes, personal possessions cover away from the caravan is included up to £2,500, subject to a £500 single item limit.

This is a token cover and is restricted to items that you would normally expect to have in a holiday home, eg. Fishing equipment, surfing equipment, golfing equipment, camera equipment, pedal cycles and binoculars.

Any other personal possessions should be covered under an extension of your main house insurance

Yes you are covered for items you would normally find in the garden but only whilst they are securely locked in your shed or securely locked to a permanent fixture.

Yes in the unlikely event that your Static Caravan becomes uninhabitable for example through a fire or flood, your insurance will pay your ground rent and any reasonable temporary accommodation (if you have a Holiday already booked) up to a limit of 20% of your building sums insured subject to a 21 days limit.  It is a holiday home after all.  Please see the Policy Wording for full details.

Yes subject to cover limits, although pedal cycles are excluded if used for racing

Yes this is covered under our policy automatically unless the damage is caused by paying guests, tenants or their guests.

This is a specialist Static Caravan Insurance policy and as such we know the property will be unoccupied for long periods.  Our policy therefore covers you if your Static Caravan is unoccupied for extended periods.  (Subject to certain criteria of course).  Please check your policy for full details on what to do during the winter period.

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