UK Summer Heat Wave

I don’t know about you but I’m melting in the Parksure Park Home Insurance office but we’re still open despite no Air Conditioning and it feeling like a Sauna in here!

But the main reason I’m posting a blog is not to tell you of our strife but because we all know what follows a heat wave in the UK and it’s not just the inevitable hose pipe ban!

What you might not realise is that after the drought comes the even more inevitable storms and downpours that the UK is well know for but after so much sun the ground is like concrete and cannot absorb the water fast enough;   so we have flash flooding and your home could be one of the ones that gets caught in the flooding.

So even though it’s sound stupid to plan ahead for this in a heatwave;  now is a great time to clear your gutters and drains and try and make sure that you are not one of the flood victims when the rain comes.

Be prepared, as they say, and have an ice cream before they all go.