Why you need to insure with a Specialist company for your Park Home

We just had this conversation with one of our park home insurance clients.
“I’ve just moved in to my Park Home and I thought when I rang up to insure my Park Home it would just be a case of insuring on some kind of block policy, I didn’t realise there are lots of makes, models, styles and size ranges out there!  The lady explained to me that insuring Park Homes is a little like insuring a car where you can’t ring up and say I want to insure my car without giving any details as I could be trying to insure a Mini when it should be a Mercedes and it’s like that with Park Homes.  The company rates their premium based on the make, model and size of the home so that I pay a premium based on my exact details and not an average of what everyone else has!  This makes sense to me now and I’m glad someone has explained it to me like that”  Mrs Amos
Yes Mrs Amos This is why you need to insure with a Specialist Park Home Insurance Company like ourselves; anyone who doesn’t ask you these questions you have to ask, are they insuring you correctly?