Review of Park Home / Mobile Home Legislation

Read our review of Park Home Legislation regarding fairness of charges, transparency of ownership, fit and proper management, local authority licence authorisation, procedures for selling park homes/mobile homes.  It’s worth a look as it could affect you!

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 made significant changes to the law on park homes. The government gave a commitment to review this in 2017.

The review is in the form of a 2 part call for evidence.

Part 1 was published on 12 April 2017 and called for evidence on fairness of charges, the transparency of site ownership and on experience of harassment. A summary of responses to Part 1 has been published.

Part 2 is a call for evidence on:

  • how effective local authority licensing has been
  • how well the procedures for selling mobile homes, making site rules and pitch fee reviews are working
  • whether “fit and proper” controls need to be applied in the sector
  • the appropriate index (CPI or RPI) to be used when carrying out a pitch fee review

We are also seeking views on the Park Homes Working Group’s recommendations on how local authorities can be assisted further in their licensing functions.

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