“You were very helpful when we were purchasing our insurance as we are novices and were happy to recommend you!

Thank you for rewarding us with a £15 discount on my next renewal for doing so!” Mr D Borland

Just one of the many Testimonials we get and yet another client who has benefited from our Refer a Friend Scheme!!

You too can benefit from Recommending a Friend to us, all you have to do is either give your friend our number and get them to phone us or follow this link to fill out a form and we will give them a ring.

When they go on cover we will contact you to offer you the choice:  Either a £10 Marks and Spencer’s Voucher or £15 off your Renewal Premium.

As off this moment we have given away 1,305 £10 M&S Vouchers, that’s over £13,000 we have given away in voucher and thousands off our clients Insurance Renewal Premium.

So go on why not recommend a friend and save some money.  There is no limit to the number of clients you can recommend or the number of vouchers or money off you can receive!!!!