We had a client contact us recently as he had managed to get an alternative quotation that was much, much cheaper than ours.  Worryingly cheap.

When we queried it with him and mentioned the fact that no one in the Park Home market could quote that low without something being amiss and asked him to double check with the alternative insurer;  it turned out that the other insurere were quoting as if he was in a brick built bungalow!!

It was a good idea that we asked him to check otherwise right now he could be insured with an insurer who unknowingly was insuring him on the wrong basis and the customer could have had all sorts of problems if they had a claim and the fact they were insured on the wrong basis came out!  They might have found that that they had no cover at all!!

People believe that because its the Insurers fault or something has been lost in translation that they will be ok but do you really want to risk that when your main residenece has been written off in a fire!!

Take a look at my Top Tips Video to find out just how to avoid this.

Keep an eye out for more tops tips in the future