Covering you for Vermin Damage

Looks Cute doesn’t he? And coming from Gloucester, the City and the story that inspired Beatrix Potter to write the Tailor of Gloucester, we can certainly appreciate people’s affinity with mice but as cute as they look, when they’re not sewing together waistcoats they can cause major headaches.

Especially for Holiday Home Owners!  As your Holiday Home is likely to be unoccupied for long periods and especially during the winter months;  they can be a haven for mice and other vermin!

We are one of the few, if not the only Static Caravan Insurance provider that covers you for Vermin Damage for your Static Caravan.  We even offer this cover for our Holiday Lodge and Park Home Insurance clients as well.

“But how much damage can a mouse cause?”  I hear you ask.  Well the answer is quite a lot, especially if a “family” move in. Don’t forget vermin includes rats and other animals as well.

Mice can get through a hole ¼ inch wide.  That’s just over half a centimetre or the size of your little finger!   They can jump as high as a foot and climb 13 inches up smooth vertical walls.  They can, and do, get in!  And what they do when they get in is make a mess;  they chew through the insulation under your home and in the walls, chew through wires, make their nest in your bedding and let’s just say that their toilets habits aren’t the greatest.  They’ve even been known to cause fires whilst chewing through wires.  We’ve even had an older Static Caravan that was written off because of the damage they’ve caused!!!  If you don’t have this cover;  you could lose out.

I’ve heard tell of a claim where a squirrel got into a home and chewed through wires and shorted out the entire home.  The client was posed with the question from the Insurers:  “Was it a Red squirrel or a Grey one?”  The answer would determine whether he was covered for the claim or not.  Red Squirrels are not classed as vermin;  whereas Grey Squirrels are!   This might sound like a stupid scenario but I can assure you it was real;  unfortunately for the client it was a Grey Squirrel and he found himself without cover because his policy didn’t cover Vermin Damage.  Why take the risk when you can insure with us and we will cover you.

Once you have a vermin infestation in your home, the whole home can need cleaning, as they will go everywhere and over every surface.  Not a pleasant thought and not something you will want to clean up yourself.  As our Policy covers you for this sort of claim, your Insurers can do the work for you.

So why take the risk?  Give Parksure a ring on our Freephone number 0800 731 9583 and we’ll provide you with a free no obligation park home insurance quotation which includes Vermin damage and peace of mind.

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