So that;s it, it’s the end of the 2021 Park Home and Leisure Show  (which never happened due to COVID 19) but we had a little show of our own in the car park to mark the occasion.  We had plenty of our #ParksureCupCakes which we handed out round the office instead of to your good selves.

We missed talking to you all and catching up with our clients, old and new alike and seeing what new models the manufacturers had available and catching up with the other trades men and women in the Park Home and Leisure industry;  but we’ll catch up next year in 2022 and make up for missing the last two year.

It’s just as well its the end day as we’ve run out of our #ParksureCupCakes but never fear we will have plenty available in 2022  to make up for missing the last two years.

So we’ll see you all next year but remember if you need any advice or a quotation for your #ParkHome , #HolidayLodge , #StaticCaravan or even the #HolidayPark;  you can ring us on #FreePhone number 0800 731 9583 or visit