See the conversation below re one of our clients getting a quote from their bank who luckily understood the fact the clients was in a Park Home and backed off quoting.

Its something we get quite a lot. Clients insuring with banks and other insurers who are insuring them as if they were in a brick built bungalow? Of the course the price is cheaper as brick built bungalow’s are less risk and hence cheaper to insure.  You pay for what you get of course.

Sometimes the clients listens (as in this case) and makes sure the insurers knows they are in a park home and sometimes they ignore this and just take the lower quote in the mistaken belief that the insurers will still pay out as its their mistake!   Of course the insurer will state that the clients misrepresented the materials facts and/or did not check the statement of facts which will say bungalow and therefore negate any claim settlement.

If you are in any doubt if it doesn’t say Park Home or Mobile Home on the quotation or policy schedule and wording then chances are you are insured incorrectly.

Its bad for the whole industry. Best to insure with a specialist Park Home insurer like us.

Telephone conversation today re a clients bank quoting for their Park Home

Client : Can you tell me why my bank say they can offer me cover but as soon as I tell them it’s a Park Home they say they can’t?

Parksure : Yes of course! Even though Park Homes have been in existence for over 50 years, it’s still a very niche market with only around 15 insurers in the UK providing cover. This is because a Park Home is classed as “non-standard construction”. The bank’s insurers would be offering a quote thinking it’s a bungalow – it’s not!! A bungalow has foundations, whereas a Park Home doesn’t so even though Park Homes are traditionally bricked round at the base, this is for aesthetic reasons as the Park Home is built on a chassis and sited on a concrete base so essentially it’s complete moveable should the need arise..

Client : Thank you for explaining