Your Home is your Castle – Half a Million Cover now available

An Englishman’s Home is his Castle or so the saying goes!!!   So why isn’t it insured like one?! At Parksure Park Home Insurance, we know you consider your home to be your castle and we aim to treat it as that.

That’s why we have increased our sums insured even higher.  We can now offer Block Sums Insured for Half a Million Pounds for the Home, that’s £500,000 sums insured for the Building and that’s across all three of the products we offer.  Half a Million Pounds sums insured for your Park Home/Residential Home/Mobile Home, Holiday Lodge or Static Caravan.    That’s more than enough to replace a Castle or at least the Park Home/Holiday Home equivalent!!!  We’ve also increased our block sums insured of £50,000 for the contents under the Residential Park Home Insurance

Competitive Rates

What’s more is we’ve done this without increasing our rates!!  So not only do you get the Palace Equivalent of Insurance Cover, it’s at our already incredibly competitive rates.  So if you want what we consider to be the best cover on the market at a competitive premium then you should give us a ring for a free no obligation quotation.

One of the other reasons for a Block Sum Insured is that some of our clients are unsure how much cover they actually need, with Half a Million Buildings cover you don’t have to worry.

Insurance Made Easy

Parksure Director Matt Cass from Parksure said:

“Your Home is your Castle so they say; so why would you settle for anything other than the very best cover you can get? Why would you risk it?”

“If a major incident such as a flood or fire happened to your home it’s likely you would have to go into Temporary Accommodation whilst the claim is sorted out.  Imagine the stress and hassle involved if you were with a cut price insurer and have to argue about the cost to replace your home with a brand new one.  Imagine what would happen if you were underinsured?  You might think that is the Insurers problem but it’s not;  the emphasis is always on you to check that your cover meets your needs, so if you are underinsured you could find yourself without sufficient cover to replace your home and at the worst possible time, when you’ve suffered a loss!

Why bother with all that when you can insure with our new Half a Million Policy and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.  That is what Insurance is there for anyway.  To take the worry away!

This increase in cover gives customers additional peace of mind that should the worst happen, their home will be replaced with a new like for like style of property and as the cover is underwritten by Ecclesiastical Insurance, customers should gain even more confidence as their claims satisfaction rate is 99% and they are specialists in this area alongside, Parksure.

So give us a ring for a free no obligation quotation.  We even have a Freephone number so it won’t cost you a penny”

Main Benefits of our policies

  • UK Based Company
  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Vermin Damage Cover
  • Immediate Cover
  • No forms to complete
  • 24 Hour Claims Helpline
Residential Park Home Cover Holiday Lodge Cover Static Caravan Cover
  • Block Buildings Sums Insured: £500,000
  • Block Contents Sums Insured: £50,000
  • Home Emergency Cover which includes Boiler Breakdown Cover
  • Legal Expenses Cover Including Landlord/Park Owner Disputes
  • Block Buildings Sums Insured: £500,000
  • Unoccupancy up to 120 days at any one time


  • Block Buildings Sums Insured: £500,000
  • Automatic Personal Possessions cover Away from the home of £2,500


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