Customer Service is King

Client: I’m ringing for a quote for my Park Home Insurance Renewal. I’ve been recommended to you by my neighbour who said the person she spoke to was so lovely and helpful and it’s so nice to speak to someone straight away rather than a machine!

Parksure: Thank you! It’s always good to hear that our customer service is appreciated!  We don’t have an automated system.  If we’re unavailable either because we’re on other calls or out of office hours you will always speak to someone, even if it’s only to take a message for us to call you back.

Client: You’ve saved me money and my neighbour gets a £10 M&S Voucher for recommending me – I’m so pleased!

Parksure: You’re very welcome. We offer a recommend a friend scheme as we believe that personal recommendations go a long way and if you recommend someone to us and they go on cover then we will reward you!