Cover and Service are King!

“I’ve been ringing round for my daughter to park home insurance companies that have been recommended by the Park for her new Holiday Lodge insurance, but the Park said that clients always end up with you and on speaking to you I can see why.

You’ve explained every aspect of the Policy to me and I’m particularly interested in the fact that you cover damage caused by vermin.   Having experienced a claim of this nature myself when I owned a holiday property I know exactly what damage the little devils can cause and believe me they get everywhere including all of the surfaces in the home so I’m really pleased that the Policy would include this, so the responsibility for the clean up is insured under the policy rather than having to meet the costs myself.

On this basis I’m going to recommend my daughter use your company even though you’re slightly more expensive than the cheapest quote I’ve got because of the cover you would be providing.

I also like the fact that you have a blanket cover on the Buildings so I don’t have to worry whether I’ve provided the correct sum insured.”

Mr Conway (Client’s Father)