Why the Cheapest Insurance isn’t always the Best!

Someone once asked me to explain why the cheapest park home Insurance isn’t always the best. “Surely all Insurance is the same, so its doesn’t matter who you insure with.  I always go with the cheapest and save money.” they said

I explained Insurance is like windscreen wipers!.

It doesn’t matter how expensive your car is, or whether you have anti lock breaks or side impact bars;  pretty soon it’ll rain and then you’ll need your windscreen wipers and then you’ll realise just how good they are and you may wish you spent a bit more time and money, making sure you had the right type for your car.

This might seem like a weird analogy for an Insurer that sells Park Home Insurance, Holiday Lodge Insurance and Static Caravan Insurance but it no less important to make sure that your Home Insurance is the right one for you and your home.

If the Insurance is not the right type or cover, then you may find that your cover is limited or restricted or even find that you are not covered at all and therefore regret the fact that you think you’ve saved yourself money.

Those cheap Windscreen wipers could end up costing you your home?

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