A big thumbs up To Parksure’s customer service and why it’s so important to check your cover!

This is all too familiar to us!  People go from a conventional home and think that their standard bricks and mortar policy will cover their Park Home;  It won’t!

Unfortunately, if you don’t organise your insurance with a specialist Park Home Insurance provider, the likelihood is that you will only find out that your Policy isn’t adequate when the worst happens and you need to make a claim…

As an example, here is a conversation we had today:

Client: I want a quote for my Park Home, my policy is due for renewal early September but I’m worried that I haven’t got the right type of policy….

Parksure: Well, you need a specialist insurer to insure a Park Home as most ‘main stream’ insurers won’t cover a Park Home.

Client: I’m looking at my insurance documents and it’s saying that my home is a bungalow…

Parksure:  Sadly then, it appears that you don’t have the correct cover on your current Policy but that’s OK, let’s organise a quotation for you and if you’re happy with that, then we can get a policy issued straight away and then all you will need to do is to contact your existing insurer to say that you want to cancel your Policy as you’ve found alternative cover on the correct basis.

Client: Thank you so much! You’ve been really helpful. I want to take the cover straight away as I’m really concerned that if the worst happened I wouldn’t have the right cover.

Parksure: You’re very welcome.

Unfortunately the emphasis is on you, the client, to make sure that your home is insured on the correct basis and whilst you may have some recompenses if you have been misled it’s simply so much better if you make sure that you are insured on the correct basis to start with!  So don’t make the mistake this lady did and moved from a bricks and mortar home into a park home and kept her insurance with the same direct insurer;  Park Homes are a specialist insurance market and as such you need to be insured with a specialist insurer, so give us a ring on on freephone 0800 731 9583 or complete our quotation form online.  https://www.parksureinsurance.co.uk/request-a-quote/