Are you a Holiday Park Owner?  Do you own a Residential Park?

If so, do you know that you could be earning a referral fee for referring the residents on your park to us for their Residential Park Home Insurance and whats more,  it doesn’t cost the residents any extra!!!

We spend literally thousands every year on marketing in magazine and online as well as other referral schemes but none of this cost is passed onto the client, it’s just one of the costs of doing business nowadays.

So there’s no need to feel guilty for referring clients onto us and nor should you,  as we offer one of the best covers on the market:  with Accidental Damage Cover, Vermin Damage cover and £500,000 worth of Buildings Cover and many other benefits.  That’s Half a Million worth of cover which should be more than enough o replace any Home with a new equivalent model!!!

You could earn around £25-£30 a referral when they go on cover and some of our parks make thousands every year.

Please read our Do You Own a Park Web Page for further information and contact us should you be interested.

We can even insure the Park as well!!