Another thumbs up from one of our new customers!

Client: I’m ringing about your Park Home Insurance. I’ve rung someone else before you, but to be honest they kept me on hold with some silly music and I got fed up of waiting. So I’ve rung you, and straight away you’ve picked up the phone and you’ve been so friendly and helpful and I’m happy with the price so I’m going to arrange my policy with you and not bother ringing anyone else.

Parksure: Thank you! We don’t have “on hold” music and we certainly wouldn’t keep you holding before taking the call. If none of us are available to speak to you straight away you will always get through to our answering service where you will speak to someone and not a pre-recorded message. They will take a message for us to call you back when one of us is free. We do this because you then have the reassurance that your message isn’t sat on a machine and in the event you were calling to make a claim, our answering service can point you to the right emergency number to call.

Client: That’s great, thank you.