£400,000 Block Sums Insured on Park Home and Holiday Lodge Insurance

When Parksure launched their Holiday Lodge Insurance  and Residential Park Insurance Cover over 17 years ago we had no idea how successful it would be but rather than resting on our laurels, we have been talking to customers and seeing how we can improve our cover and service.

Some customers were concerned they didn’t know how much cover they would actually need so we launched with a standard ‘one size fits all’ cover for up to £250,000 sums insured to replace the building.    Now, due to the increasingly demand for better quality Holiday Lodges and Residential Park Homes and the increased costs associated with these better quality homes;  Parksure have listened, researched and have increased this appropriately to £400,000.

Spokesperson, Director Matt Cass from Parksure said:

“In order to put our clients mind at rest we have decided to increase our blanket sums insured to a whopping £400,000,  which we are confident should more than cover replacement of any park home or holiday lodge sited anywhere throughout the U.K.

We’re also pleased to announce that despite this amazing extra cover our rates have remained the same”.

There was also some confusion about what the insurance actually pays for.   When you are talking about replacing the home from an insurance perspective following a fire/flood;  you are talking about the reinstatement of the home itself which includes manufacturing, delivery and re-siting costs and not the actual sales value of the home on the park,  which as we know can increase due to the location and quality of the park itself.   Nevertheless, some of the top quality homes were approaching our old blanket sum insured limit of £250,000 and would certainly sell for more than that;  especially if close to London.

This increase in cover gives customers an additional peace of mind that should the worst happen their home will be replaced for a like for like style of property and as the cover is underwritten by Ecclesiastical Insurance, customers should gain even more confidence as their claims satisfaction rate is 99% and they are specialists in this area alongside, Parksure.

To find out more or to discuss your insurance needs, please give us a call on our Freephone Number 0800 731 9583 for a no obligation quotation or visit www.parksureinsurance.co.uk , you won’t be disappointed.