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Should you have an urgent claim, you will need to call the emergency claim helpline number 0845 603 8381 with your policy number to hand.2 days, 13 hours, 54 minutes ago

Just to remind people we will be shut from 5pm today for the Easter Bank Holiday. We are back in the office on Tuesday 22nd April 9am2 days, 13 hours, 56 minutes ago

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  • Tailored to your needs and the different

    requirements of Park Home Insurance

  • Full 'All Risks' buildings and contents

    cover including Accidental Damage

  • Transparent policies and professional

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  • We can administer and process

    all the policies, leaving you free to

    concentrate on your customers needs

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Holiday Home Insurance

If your current insurance Policy doesn’t say mobile home in the Policy wording, how can you be sure you are insured correctly?

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5 star cover
Residential Park insurance

Our Policies cover you for Accidental Damage and Vermin cover and up to 120 days unoccupancy

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5 star cover
Holiday Lodge Insurance

Are you adequately covered for a brand new replacement static caravan along with site clearance, delivery and resiting costs?

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5 star cover
Holiday Home Insurance
Recommend Parksure to your friends and if they go on cover you’ll receive a £10 Marks and Spencer voucher.
Just make sure they say they where recommended by yourself and we will see that you receive your reward and they will get access to our Comprehensive Rates and Cover, so you will both benefit.
Don’t forget there is no limit to the number of vouchers you can claim so recommend as many friends as you can and we’ll see that you both get rewarded!!

Insure with us today and win the chance of Free Insurance for a year!!!.

“We are pleased that our claim was dealt with so promptly and efficiently, thank you for your personal input.”

– J Parkin & D Blue, 28.05.2009

“Just writing to thank you for the ticket I was lucky enough to win in the raffle.  I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.  Thanking you very much”

– Mr B Stephens, 07.04.2011

Thank you for being very helpful and patient with me

– Mrs J Machon, 18.04.2011

“Thank you very much”

– Mrs M Norgate, 15.07.2011

“You are very efficient”

– Mr J Rutherford, 31.08.2011

“You have been brilliant and I'm very happy with that quote.  Thank you again, you have been super.”

– Mr R French, 30.04.2012

“You have given me a very good service”

– Mr G Davies, 15.08.2012

“Thank you for your prompt reply to our request for Insuring the above Holiday Home..... Thanking you for your efficiency.”

– Mrs S M Lyons, 22.10.2012

I would like to say thank you for your help in dealing with my claim, my cheque has been received

– Mrs Margaret Murray , 01.12.2010

“Thank you for being so helpful.”

– Mr Lovesy, 03.06.2011

On my mothers behalf, can I thank you ..... with which she has been more than happy .... a situation most other companies were not prepared to do.  This gave my mother (now 91 years old) tremendous piece of mind in the later years of her ability to live independently .... I am sorry she cannot write to you in person ..... but I can assure you, these comments are what she feels.

– , Mr Taylor on Behlaf of his mother Mrs H Taylor

“Very impressed with Parksure's attention to the claim - despite delays at this end!”

– Mr G King, 18.02.2012

You are very efficient and helpful

– Mrs E Powell, 16.08.2012

Thank you for all your help with the claim and in explaining it all to me. You are very helpful and kind.

– Mrs E Ashford, 29.01.2013

Thank you for a very efficient and friendly service.

– Mr M Mercer, 26.02.2013

“Thank you for your rapid response”

– Mr D Porter, 14.05.2013

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in the arrangement of my Home Insurance”

– Mr K Lenton - West Midlands, 01.12.2010

Many thanks for your prompt action, it really is appreciated

– Mr and Mrs Whale, 22.03.2011

“I am very impressed with how you have gone through everything and explained it all clearly”

– Mr H T W Butts, 22.06.2011

“Your staff are very good”

– Mrs M Mackenzie, 21.07.2011

Thank you once again for your assistance.

– Mr G Lewis , 05.10.2011

“I am very impressed with what you have told me”

– Mrs M Walker, 20.08.2012

“You are a star and I am very grateful for the help”

– Mrs S Wallington, 11.10.2012

Thank you for your very professional and quick service. Now I have found you, I don't want to lose you!

– Miss C Douglas, 04.12.2012

Thank you for your kind attention and assistance. 

– A Smith, 06.12.2010

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do work experience with you.  I have enjoyed myself and I have learnt a lot, in the short time I have been with you.

– Ms Lauren Murphy - Work Experience Girl, 21.07.2011

Thank you for dealing with my claim

– Mrs M McMurray, 25.01.2012

You are a very good sales lady.  You are very polite and friendly.

– Mrs D Payne, 02.05.2012

You are a star!  I am one very happy customer

– Mrs S J Day, 20.08.2012

“Thank you for dealing with it efficiently, wishing you and the company a Happy Xmas and prosperous New Year.”

– Mr W A Merrick, 17.12.2012

I can honestly say I’ve never been consulted on the choice of décor where I’ve worked before – I guess that’s part of what makes Cass Stephens (Parksures' Parent Company) a bit different.

– Mr A Long, 06.03.2013

You are wonderful!  Very helpful and patient.

– Mrs M Thorp, 20.05.2013

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in the matter of my claim, this has been much appreciated ”

– C Moraud - Berkshire, 06.12.2010

“You have been very helpful.  Thought I'd let you know”

– Miss Tyler , 27.04.2011

You are very helpful and friendly and have been fantastic over the years

– Mr M Merry, 01.08.2011

“You are doing a good job”

– Mr H Brewer, 07.10.2011

“Thank you very much for the £15 off my renewal for recommending a friend.  It was very much appreciated.”

– Mrs L Morrison

We are very impressed by your immediate, clear and helpful reply ... we can't recall ever receiving such efficient service from any other company.

Very well done ... we hope your boss appreciates you!!

– Mr Reg Dunn, 07.11.2012

Thank you for all your help on Friday. You have been very helpful and thorough.

– Mr B R Clarke, 04.02.2013

“Thank you for being so helpful and understanding.”

– Mr G Chaffe, 06.03.2013

Many Thanks for good service

– Mr J & Mrs B Baggs - Dorset, 06.12.2010

Thanks you for your prompt service.  I did not think I would receive my documents so quickly

– Mrs Oldershaw, 11.03.2011

Thank the team for how well and how quickly they dealt with my claims cheque

– Mr G Perry, 11.04.2011

You have been very helpful in explaining the claims proceedure to me.   Thank you for your help.

– Mrs M MacKenzie, 12.07.2011

“Thank you for your prompt and friendly service”

– Mr M Smith, 29.07.2011

“Thank you.  You have been very helpful and you have put my mind at ease.”

– Mrs P Richardson, 16.12.2011

I have told my friend you are excellent and she is going to insure with you next year.

– Mrs M Lambert, 31.08.2012

“You have been a great help in sorting out my policy for me.”

– Mrs M Atkinson, 14.06.2013

“Many thanks. I can't remember the last time we had such good service. 

– Mrs L Tuck - Derbyshire, 23.12.2010

Thank you for your advice.  You have been informative and a lot friendlier than your competitors.

– Mrs J Link, 13.04.2011

Thank you

– Mr M Shortt, 31.10.2011

“It is good that you take the time to explain things throughly and don't try and rip people off.”

– Mr R P Reeve, 25.01.2012

“Thank you.  You have been very helpful.”

– Mr B Skivington, 17.02.2012

Thank you for sorting my claim out.

– Mr E Keenan, 20.02.2012

“Thank you for your prompt service in getting the claim settled”

– Miss D Turner, 02.05.2012

“I am glad my friend (Mrs M Lambert) recommended you, as you are great.”

– Mrs L Mackie, 31.08.2012

Thank you for your speedy and efficient attention.

– Mrs M D Lewis - Essex, 23.12.2010

“Thank you very much.  You have done a really good job.”

– Mrs N Baker, 07.11.2011

“The reason I am insuring with you is beacuse you took the time to explain everything about the cover to me over the phone”

– Mr and Mrs Hill, 09.12.2011

Thank you very much.  You have been very good.

– Mrs G Pike, 28.03.2012

Thank you for your prompt assistance in arranging my cover for me

– Mr S Day, 14.09.2012

You have been very, very helpful and kind, taking the time to explain everything to me.

– Mrs P M Randall, 22.10.2012

You have been very helpful and lovely. I thank you for your help.

– Mrs Z F Churchill, 13.12.2012

Thank you for your help; it was lovely to speak to you. You have made this go really easy; I had expected it to be harder to sort out.

– Mrs J Robinson, 04.02.2013

“I would like to convey my thanks to the Claims Office, for taking the time to explain the cover to me.”

– Mrs E A Anderson - Berkshire, 23.12.2010

“My thanks to you and the rest of team for sorting my claim out so quickly”

– Mr G and Mrs S A Perry, 25.03.2011

I am very happy. Thank you for your help

– Mr L Walker - Nr Exeter, 27.04.2011

“Thank you.  You have been very helpful and patient with me”

– Mrs R Gray, 04.07.2011

Thank you for the voucher you have sent to me, for recommending my neighbour to you.  It will come in very hand for Christmas

– Mr A Dunn, 07.11.2011

“You are very helpful and kind”

– Mrs M Shields, 06.01.2012

I am very pleased and the details have been handled very well from the start of the quote to going on cover.

– Mrs H Jones, 29.06.2012

“I appreciate everything you have done for me.”

– Mrs P Franklin, 17.09.2012

Thank you for the quick response to my claim.

– Mrs G R Ryan - Essex, 23.12.2010

“Thank you very much for looking into this for me ....I am very grateful that you look after your existing customers.  You are very kind and helpful.”

– Mrs J M Hillier, 10.11.2011

Thank you for your help and service over the last few years

– Mr R Harrison, 06.01.2012

“Thank you very much for your help.  You have been fantastic.”

– Mrs M Ritchie, 27.02.2012

Thank you for dealing with the claim so qucikly

– Mr G Rossiter, 04.05.2012

This note is to say thank you for the prompt return of our money following the cancellation of our policy

– Mrs M Lascelles, 11.06.2012

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

– Mrs C A Batham, 24.09.2012

Thank you for your efficient service in getting my claims cheque to me

– Mr F Wilkinson, 20.11.2012

“Thanks for being so helpful this morning”

– Mrs Ann Davis, 04.01.2011

“You are very helpful at explaining the cover to me, as I have not dealt with this before.  You are very friendly unlike some of your competitors that I have spoken to”

– Miss McLeod, 11.04.2011

Your quotation is extremely good compared to the other Insurance Companies I have called.

– Ms K Page, 11.11.2011

“Thank you so much for arranging another cheque for us, we are so pleased.  It has in fact arrived today;  we cannot believe how quickly it has got here.”

– Mrs D Welfare, 16.03.2012

I would like to thank you for your helpfullness

– Mrs L V Tarr, 16.07.2012

“My daughter was very complimentary about the service she was given when dealing with the quotation”

– Mr D McConnell, 24.09.2012

This is brilliant!  You have made my day.  This is why I come back every year.

– Miss J Tanner, 15.10.2012

Thank you for answering all my questions. You have been very helpful

– Mrs J Smith, 21.02.2013

Thank you very much for your prompt reply, quite remarkable service.

– Mr D Phillips - Devon, 27.01.2011

You have been very helpful

– Mrs J Preston, 12.07.2011

“Thank you for your help”

– Ms L Churchill, 17.11.2011

Very swift and efficient service.

– Miss B Jones, 01.02.2012

“Thank you for your help.  You have been very friendly and helpful.  You are an asset to Parksure”

– Mr P Quinton, 20.06.2012

I am very pleased with your claim service and look forward to dealing with you at next renewal

– Mr D Richard, 25.09.2012

Thank you for phoning me to let me know about my claim settlement. I really appreciate how you dealt with the claim for me.

– Mrs H Lane, 14.12.2012

“Thank you for your help. You have been absolutely brilliant.  ”

– Mrs J Wood, 15.03.2013

“Thank you for your excellent service”

– Mrs W Ward - West Midlands, 10.02.2011

“You are always very kind to answer all my question and very helpful and friendly”

– Mrs E Hope, 22.03.2011

 Thank you and your staff for prompt, efficient and very courteous service”

– Mr D Mackay, 09.05.2011

Thank you for your call to make sure I was alright.

– Mrs P Sims, 17.11.2011

“Thank you for your help yesterday and that of your colleague the day before”

– Mrs W M Hoare, 15.05.2012

“You are very helpful and very nice”

– Mrs H Lane, 16.07.2012

“You have been very helpful in explaining things to me”

– Mr R H Barge, 28.09.2012

“Thank you for your help and prompt attention.”

– Mrs J Duckett, 6.11.2012

I give you 10 out of 10 for promptness of claim service.

– Mrs J Murray - Cambs, 14.02.2011

Thank you for your help.  You have been very kind and helpful.

– Ms J W Spoors, 25.05.2011

“Thank you very much ....... I may say I have always found your staff to be very courteous and helpful  when I have occasion to telephone.”

– Mrs M M Shaw, 02.12.2011

You have been very helpful in this matter and look forward to receiving my settlement cheque for my new hearing aids.

– Miss J Clark and Mrs G Pike , 12.03.2012

I complement you on your computer system for having all the up to date and correct information

– Mr D McConnell, 24.09.2012

“You are very patient and understanding and I am very grateful for your help.”

– Mrs N C Clark, 22.11.2012

You have been very helpful in sorting things out for me so quickly.

– Miss C Douglass, 28.11.2012

Thank you for dealing with my claim so brilliantly.

– Mrs B Wilcox, 25.02.2013

“Many Thanks for your kind help in handling the claim for the damage to my holiday caravan.  Keep up the good work.”

– John & Eve Sloan, 08.03.2011

You were helpful and informative.  Thank you for all your help

– Mr P Rosdol, 28.03.2011

You are absolutely wonderful

– Mrs A Fryer, 25.07.2011

Thank you for your service and for sorting out my insurance over the years

– Mrs P M Mitchell, 16.12.2011

The lady I spoke to was well mannered and polite; a distinct (difference) from other brokers.

– Mr F J Bartlett, 07.11.2012

Thank you for being so efficient in sending claims cheque and for being so helpful

– Mr M Button, 4.1.2013

“I wanted to thank you for your kindness and care of us during our claim.  You were there all the time, which was so helpful and not always found in business.”

– Mrs H Lane, 07.01.2013

Thank you so much for your kind help and attention today.

I look forward to receiving my policy .... and hope to have many years service with Parksure in the future.

Once again thank you for the excellent telephone manner and help you gave me.

– Mrs B Cozens, 01.03.2013

“Thanks for all your help.”

– Mrs P Franklin, 18.04.2011

Many thanks for your assistance over the past years

– Miss C Wyatt, 03.06.2011

Bless you and thank you very much for explaining it all as my husband used to deal with all this.

– Mrs S Collins, 17.02.2012

“You have been very helpful”

– Mrs H Jones, 11.07.2012

"You have been very helpful and kind in explaining everything to Me" Mrs Gray

– Mrs Gray, 30.11.2012

“Thank you for your support over the years. Good health and best of luck to you and all the team at Parksure.”

– Mr L Casserley, 27.04.2012

Thank you so much for your understanding in this matter

– Mr M Searle, 22.01.2013

I like the way you operate. You explained everything to me clearly and were very polite.

– Mr M Hirst, 18.03.2013

“Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to find out what is involved in working at an Insurance Company.     Thank you also for the time and effort you have devoted to me ....   Everyone seem happy ...... enjoyed working in the Parksure department....  everyone was so welcoming.    I would like to thank you once again for having me on work experince. ”

– Miss C Wattam- Work Experience Girl, 08.06.2011

“Thank you very much for calling me to let me know about my cheque”

– Mrs N Higgins, 02.08.2011

Thank you for being clear and having an easy to understand policy for my Holiday Lodge

– Mr R Froom, 27.04.2012

I was intending to shop around but as you have taken the time to explain the cover to me and been really nice, I want to have my policy with you.

– Mrs G H Seeley, 28.01.2013

Thank you for your swift reply and for being very helpful and friendly

– Mr K Harvey, 20.06.2011

You have been helpful in answering all my questions

– Mr D R Bird, 30.07.2012

You have been very helpful.

– Mrs J Oates, 18.03.2013

Thank you for your good service

– Mr K Sweet, 02.08.2011

“Thank you.  You have been very helpful and nice to deal with.  Give yourself a pat on the back.”

– Mrs T Perry, 02.08.2012

You have a very good manner and are well focused.

– Miss M Macleod, 20.03.2013

“You are very good on the phone”

– Mr J Peters, 12.08.2011

You have been very helpful and have a full knowledge of what I require.

Thank you for arranging cover staright away.

– Mrs M J Faithful, 03.08.2012

Both you and your company have been a pleasure to deal with at every contact point. The best service I have had from anywhere in a long time.

– Mr J Williamson, 27.03.2013

Thank you for being kind and helpful

– Mrs D Lacey, 23.08.2011

“I am very impressed and you have been very thorough.”

– Mr P M Treadwell, 06.08.2012

You have been brilliant and an absolute pleasure to deal with

– Mr R K Bennett, 09.04.2013

“Thank you for being very kind and good”

– Mrs C R Jarvie, 25.08.2011

You have been very helpful in explaining the policy conditions to me

– Mr D J Luffrum, 07.08.2012

“Thank you for your explanation. You are very helpful and thank you for the claims service I have received.”

– Mrs A Sanders, 23.04.2013

I was impressed with your prompt service in getting all the information out with the quotation and your call back service to make sure I received it. 

– Mr C Jarvis, 26.08.2011

“My wife said you are a very nice Company to deal with”

– Mr D Cohen, 07.08.2012

You have been very helpful in explaining things to me

– Mr D Mason, 14.05.2013

You have been brilliant and very helpful in explaining what I have to put in an email to you.

– Miss P Harrison, 07.08.2012

“It has been a pleasure dealing with you”

– Miss S R Scammell, 09.08.2012

That quote was ideal, thank you very much

– Mr D Slight, 13.08.2012

“Thank you very much for letting me know and I am impressed with your prompt service and how helpful you have been”

– Miss V Davidson, 21.06.2013

1st Class Service

– Mr G Clark, 01.07.2013

“It was refreshing to talk to someone without feeling rushed and who understood about Park Home Insurance.”

– Mr B Gresty, 11.07.2013

You have been very helpful and explained everything to me clearly so I understand it now.

– Mrs J Parker, 15.07.2013

“Thank you for your quick response and for giving me the good service I am used to from you.”

– Mr A D Mole, 16.07.2013

Thank you for your help.  You are kind to take the time to explain everything to me.  I have found it very helpful.

– Mr M K Attwood, 25.07.2013

“Thank you for your patience and for explaining the letters I have received from the direct debit company.”

– Mr A J Moss, 25.07.2013

You have a very efficient set up in the way you deal with your claims. Thank you for your help.

– Mr T Gallagher, 26.07.2013

“You have explained everything so clearly I understood everything.”

– Mrs M Webber, 02.08.2013

Thank you for being so helpful and looking at it for my mother.

– Mrs Catherine Gash, 06.08.2013

“You have been very helpful and easy to talk to and if your calls are recorded I would score you 10 out of 10.”

– Mrs L V Lording, 07.08.2013

I am pleased with the way you handled my claim earlier this year.

– Mr R M Hughes, 14.08.2013

“It's a pleasure doing business with you as you've been very kind to me.”

– Mrs A Armstrong, 16.08.2013

Thank you for the quote; you are helpful, lovely and very professional.

– Mrs L Allinson, 27.08.2013

“Thank you for sending the quote out so quickly.”

– Mrs J R Wright, 28.08.2013

You were very helpful & informative.

– Mr A Evans, 04.09.2013

“I am very impressed with your customer service. I am happy with the premium you've quoted and I wont be looking at anyone else to quote for me.”

– Mr K McElduff, 06.09.2013

You have been very efficient and very helpful.

– Mr G McCombie, 16.09.2013

“I am always impressed with your efficient service.”

– Mrs J Wake, 18.09.2013

It is refreshing to talk to someone direct who can answer all the questions I have asked regarding Park Home Insurance and can give me the answers with confidence of their knowledge of the cover they sell.

– Miss A M Plumber, 18.09.2013

“Thank you for being so prompt in calling me back.”

– Mr R Warne, 24.09.2013

You have been so helpful, thank you.

– Mrs M Cock, 27.09.2013

“Appreciate your support on this. Now I have beautiful, insured lodge.”

– Mrs S Wright, 03.10.2013

Thank you for your help. You are very lovely and helpful.

– Mrs J Roberts, 21.10.2013

“Thank you for your professional quote. You were lovely to speak to.”

– Mr J Keenan, 22.10.2013

Thank you for your helpful advice. It's was nice to speak to someone who takes the time to explain things thoroughly.

– Mr J Heeson, 28.10.2013

“You have been a darling star to sort this out for us at such a stressful time.”

– Mrs A Catton, 29.10.2013

You are a star and I really appreciate your help.

– Mrs C Payne, 11.11.2013

“Thank you for your help; you have made the process uncomplicated and easy to understand, which has taken the stress away as I was dreading ringing around for quotes.”

– Mrs L Gaskin, 13.11.2013

You have been very helpful in trying to help me out. I am really happy with how you dealt with our claim.

– Mrs D L Ling-Chant, 14.11.2013

“After the recent storms which created so much havoc in this area, I would like to thank whoever phoned here from your office and enquired after the health of self and wife, and also advising that a claim form would be sent. ..... I have to say that I was quite surprised and pleased at the response Parksure showed on this occasion. Quite unusual in this day and age to get such a degree of customer care. Once again, thanks.”

– Mr S Pounder, 15.11.2013

You have been really, really helpful explaining all about park home insurance cover as I'm new to it.

– Mrs C Miller, 19.11.2013

“It is very nice to speak to a friendly voice.

– Mrs N K Sharp, 25.11.2013

You are brilliant and I really appreciate it. Thank you for your help.

– Mrs M Hall, 11.12.2013

“It's nice to be insured with someone that cares.”

– Mrs B M Fulford, 27.12.2013

Thank you for being most helpful and efficient in sorting out my claim.

– Mr A Mattock, 10.01.2014

“Thank you for your help with this, and your prompt and efficient response in what I know will have been a very busy time for you. It is appreciated. ”

– Mrs Karen Lunt, 05.02.2014

May we take this opportunity to thank you for the way this claim has been handled - professionally and swiftly.

– Mr R & Mrs C Harle, 11.02.2014

“Thank you for your help. You have made me feel much better now. You have been very understanding and kind, putting my mind at rest.”

– Mrs E M Hope, 14.02.2014

It was very good of you to call about my claims cheque. Thank you, I do appreciate it.

– Mr K F Scott, 19.02.2014

“Thank you for all your help. I am much obliged for all you have done.”

– Mr J Cranmer, 19.02.2014

I spoke to a different company in December for a quote. It is actually nice to speak to someone friendly for a change.

– Mrs M J Poole, 19.02.2014

“Thank you for checking up to see how things were going with our claim.”

– Mr H Thistlewhite, 25.02.2014

Thank you for all your work on this policy.

– Mr F P Mulvaney, 28.02.2014

“Thank you very much for all your help in making this happen so quickly.”

– Mr R Henry, 04.03.2014

Thanks so much for your help; it’s a brilliant quote.

– Mr G Eborall, 04.03.2014

“You have been the most helpful of the 3 companies that have quoted for me and the most accurate. Very good.”

– Mrs S Levesley, 13.03.2014

"Thank you for your prompt service."

– Mrs S Allen, 31.03.2014

“I would like to thank you for your prompt attendance to this claim.”

– Mr T Smith, 01.04.2014

You've been so efficient.  He'll sleep well tonight.

– Miss J Maguire, 01.04.2014

“You have given very good service.”

– Mr B Pitt, 01.04.2014

Absolutely Brilliant, thank you so much for sorting the problem out.

– Mrs S Wallington, 01.04.2014

“You are an angel and a pleasure to speak to.”

– Mr R K Bennett, 04.04.2014

Thank you for giving me some helpful advice.

– Mrs W Scanlon, 07.04.2014

“Thank you for your help and for coming back to me so quickly; you have put my mind at rest.”

– Mr P Rigbye, 16.04.2015